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Luckins Artwork

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Paintings Catalog Page

Welcome! This is the Place for Art!

Notice the new name: Luckins Artwork

If you have anything that says "Luckins Publishing and Artwork", hold on it it, it might be worth something some day.

Hi there!

This is a site primarily devoted to the promotion and preservation of art. Community issues and information can also be found on this site.

Feel free to browse the site and check out the merchandise. This site is updated frequently throughout the month, especially the "Articles and Information" page.

Below is a sample of my work, but I also sell work from other sites. Click on the Paintings Catalog page for more choices.

Paintings Catalog Page

This is a notice of a change in pricing:

From June 15th, 2001 on, shipping costs will be as follows: Any painting on stretched canvas (regardless of size) as well as paintings with frames will ship for no less than $10.00

Any canvas board painting over 12 X 16 inches will still ship for at least $8.50.

Canvas board paintings 12 x 16 and under without frames will still ship for about $5.50. These prices include materials and priority shipping for paintings under 16 x 20.

Check out the new Photos and Stuff page!
New! On the bottom of that page is a puzzle based on one of the photos/artwork on this site. I plan to change the puzzle every month or so.

Check out some of the new photos. And, look at the "Modified Photo Artwork" of the desert on the "About Me" page

And, visit the sponsers and answer the polls on each page!



Darlene Luckins, owner and artist

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